XACT Wire EDM is a premier wire-cut EDM outsource supplier and provider of wire EDM services. Our team partners with a broad cross section of industries to supply high-precision prototypes, medium-volume runs, and long-term, high-volume EDM component production services.

Wire EDM Clients

We work with clients that have in-house EDM departments to supplement their existing capabilities, as well as with tool and die shops that do not have in-house wire EDM capabilities, and many other OEMs and contract manufacturers who do not have their own wire EDM equipment.

Wire EDM Machines

XACT Wire EDM has a pool of over 45 EDM machines available for production. We have made a point of consistently purchasing new programming, machines, and inspection equipment to insure that we can offer the latest technology and the greatest precision, along with the highest throughput. The result is a broad production capability that allows us to match different part characteristics and volume requirements to the most appropriate pieces of equipment.

our wire edm services were used to manufacture this sample of parts

What are some benefits of wire EDM services?

  • Wire-cut electrical discharge machining is accurate to +/-.0001″.
  • Virtually no burrs are generated. Since no cutting forces are present.
  • No tooling is required so delivery times are short.
  • Pieces up to 16″ thick can be machined.
  • Tools and parts are machined after heat treatment, so dimensional accuracy is held and not affected by heat treat distortion.

Wire EDM Services & Capabilities

  • High Taper
  • Small Diameter Wires
  • Auto-threading
  • Submerged cutting for thermal stability and efficient interrupted cutting
  • Anti-electrolysis power supply

Other Services

Wire EDM In Action

Production Quantity

  • High Volume Production
  • Prototype

Quality Control Certifications

ISO 9001:2015

Quality Control Process

  • CMM
  • SPC
  • Video

Software Used

  • CADKEY / KeyCreator
  • Opticam
  • SolidWorks

Premier Manufacturability Design Advice

As a highly experienced Wire EDM supplier, we have learned that partnering with clients at the front end of projects can be highly beneficial. We can provide a wealth of design for manufacturability suggestions to speed production, improve accuracy and finished part quality.

Years of Industry Specific Expertise

Our team is comprised of industry specialists who are familiar with industry requirements, standards and practices. Simply producing parts to print without a serious pre-production review often leads to higher costs, lower production volumes, and sub-optimal piecework. Let our experts go over your requirements and ask the right questions based on years of production experience.

No Substitute For Quality

When dealing with extremely high tolerances, the right inspection equipment is of paramount importance. Our approach is to build quality into the process, and our practice is to inspect every part to insure each client receives nothing but quality finished work