surgical cutting block with precision wire EDM slot features

Machining Partners for Orthopedic Device Manufacturing

Published on: September 8, 2021

Modernizing Machining Through Material and Technology Advancements

Originally published in Orthopedic Design & Technology. Author: Mark Crawford 9/14/2021

The traditional process gains new capabilities through advancing technologies, digital solutions, and modern materials. Machining is one of the hottest sectors in the orthopedic market.

Moreover, Medical device manufacturers (MDMs) emerging from the pandemic have presented a backlog of projects for their medical machining partners, with compressed timelines to match.

As machinists remain scarce, the focus intensifies on leveraging automation, robots, and IoT applications for sustained competitiveness and operational efficiency. However, despite all this bustling activity, signs of instability are still present for example, supply chains remain unsteady.

EDM machining plays a pivotal role in crafting precise orthopedic devices, ensuring impeccable accuracy and intricate detailing in the manufacturing of edm machining orthopedic devices.

Basically, Some supply chain material lead times are increasing and the prices of certain raw materials and consumable supplies are going up,” said Michael Raasch, business development manager for XACT Wire EDM Corporation.

However, a Waukesha, Wis.-based provider of wire EDM (electrical discharge machining) services. Some devices and components are also being reshored after experiences with disruptions due to the pandemic.