Xact Wire EDM Corp. has a long track record of finding innovative solutions to customers needs for our services. These customer testimonials are examples of projects where we have worked with customers in various industries. Our experience & communication on the projects for costs, inspection requirements & delivery timelines have made us a great supplier to partner with.

Medical Industry

Our company is a manufacturer of sophisticated orthopedic instruments. We were working to a very tight deadline to launch a new knee device requiring a high degree of complexity with many hours of cutting. Although complex in design, and made up of over 15 different components, XACT took on the wire EDM portion of the production project on in its entirety. The different components each had a number of different wire EDM operations due to the unique shapes required to accomplish proper realization of the finished product. We were amazed at XACT ability to quickly ramp up production from 2 wire EDM machines to 16 machines for this product launch. They really did everything we could have expected to help us maintain an on-time product launch.

Automation Industry

WOW. Now that’s service. Please thank all of those involved with getting our project done on time even though we were delayed by almost a week on getting our parts to you. Very impressive and much appreciated. They look great too. Thank you for all of your company’s efforts put into our project to get it completed on time.

I was looking for a few hundred hours of available wire EDM capacity with ongoing potential & Xact did a great job on service & delivery.

CNC Machining Industry

You guys have been amazing to work with. I’m glad I found you. The EDM items you have done should be a repeat at some point. I have no complaints on my end at all.

Rapid Prototyping

Responsiveness, quality, and delivery were super. This was a small job for a prototyping build but we were very happy with the outcome, and it was a great chance for us to get reconnected with XACT. We look forward to additional opportunities to work with XACT as our EDM Supplier of choice.


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