In small-hole electrical discharge machining, a small-diameter (usually hollow) spinning electrode is applied to a workpiece. Also known as EDM drilling or EDM micro hole drilling, small hole EDM has traditionally been used to produce holes in fuel injectors, turbine blades, cutting tools (coolant holes), and more. XACT Wire EDM provides comprehensive small hole EDM services to a variety of industries nationwide. Learn more below, or contact us for a quote to get started.

examples of our small hole EDM services

Small Hole EDM Advantages

EDM machining offers distinct advantages over traditional drilling operations, with small hole EDM resembling a drilling process in several ways.

  • Very low machining forces that make it ideal for drilling delicate parts
  • Workpiece hardness has no detrimental impact on performance
  • Angle of entry is unimportant because there is no contact between the tool and workpiece
  • Burr-free finished holes

Small Hole EDM Capabilities

  • Electrode diameter from .010″ (.25mm) to .090″ (2.3mm)
  • Finished hole sizes from .012-.015″ (.34mm) to .121-.126″ (3.14mm)
  • Maximum thickness from 1/4 inch (6mm) up to 9 inches (225mm)*
  • Maximum XY travel; X – 22.25″ Y – 14.25″
  • Other sizes may be available with lead time and/or large quantity orders.

*Up to 14″ part height possible, depending on part configuration

Common Small Hole EDM Drilling Applications:

  • Coolant holes in hardened machine tool bits, taps, end mills, and drills
  • Addition of wire EDM start holes after heat treating
  • Removal of broken drill bits and taps
  • Placement of holes too small/difficult for conventional drilling
  • Burr free holes
  • Wire safety holes

Small Hole EDM Drilling in Carbide

small hole EDM drilling in carbide

XACT Wire EDM has an ideal machine that uses an oil-based coolant to provide better edge control, surface finish and matching speed. It compliments our numerous other high-speed small hole EDM machines that specialize in all other conductive materials.

Small Hole Machining Production Quantity

  • 1 Part to 100,000+ Parts

High Speed Small Hole EDM Machines

We are one of the largest dedicated EDM shops in the nation and can handle any size or type of small hole EDM project. Our equipment list includes:

1 Charmilles     SH-2 Small Hole EDM Machine 7.8″ x 11.8″
1 Sodick            K1CN CNC EDM Drilling Machine 11.8″x 15.7″
2 Current          CT300 CNC EDM Drilling Machine 12″x 8″ w/ automatic Electrode Changer
1 Current          CT400 CNC EDM Drilling Machine 15.7″x 12″ w/ automatic Electrode Changer
2 Current          CT500 CNC EDM Drilling Machine 14″x 22″ w/ automatic Electrode Changer
1 Belmont         SY-4050ST oil-based CNC EDM Drilling Machine 19.6″x 15.7″ w/ automatic Electrode Changer

You can rely on XACT Wire EDM to use the latest technology and produce your product in the most efficient manner possible.

Small Hole Wire EDM Quality Controls

XACT Wire EDM is ISO 9001:2015 certified, and quality is part of the culture in our company. Each employee understands that quality control is everyone’s responsibility, not just the QA department.

Our quality control process includes:

  • CMM
  • SPC
  • Video

Learn more about our commitment to quality small hole EDM services, or read testimonials from our clients.

Other Services:

Micro Hole EDM Drilling from Coast to Coast

Based in the Midwest with locations in Wisconsin and Illinois, XACT Wire EDM serves parts manufacturers, die makers and mold manufacturers nationwide. In fact we have a lower average shop rate than the East or West coast, and even with shipping time factored in (depending on the size and weight of the components) our delivery times are often better than those of other areas. Both our locations can comfortably handle sizable production runs, while staying flexible enough to machine an individual part.

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