We’re dedicated to being a premier wire EDM services provider

Both XACT locations, Waukesha, WI and Cary, IL are ISO 9001: 2015 Certified. Our CMM systems, and OGP Vision Inspection systems allow us to accurately inspect your components with the utmost precision. We offer the best quality control in the industry.

XACT also offers laser part marking for any parts that need identification.


Our inspection equipment includes:

  • 2 OGP Flash 302 with Touch Probe and TTL laser
  • 2 OGP Avant ZIP 300 Video Inspection System (multi-sensor) 12″ x 12″ travel
  • 1 OGP Smartscope ZIP 250 Video Inspection System 6″ x 10″ travel
  • 1 OGP Flash 200 Video Inspection System 8″ X 8″ travel
  • 1 OGP Bench Top Comparator 20X
  • 1 OGP Flash 500 Video Inspection System (multi-sensor) 18″ x 20″ travel
  • 1 Optodyne MCV-500 Laser Doppler Displacement Meter
  • 3 Brown & Sharpe Global 575 CMM with PH10M indexable head and PCDMIS CAD++
  • 4 Keyence IM7030 Instant Measurement System 7.8 x 3.9″
  • 1 12″ Optical comparator with 10x 20x and 50x lenses, and linear digital scales
  • 1 Mahr Digimar 816CL Height Measuring to .00005 of an inch accuracy
  • 3 Mitutoyo Height Masters with .00005″ graduations and digital readout
  • 10 Mitutoyo Shop Height Masters

We also use SmartProfile 3D Fitting Software and the Minitab statistical software package.

The goal of every XACT Wire EDM employee is zero defects

Quality is a culture in our company. We understand that quality control is everyone’s responsibility, not just the responsibility of the Quality Assurance Department.

Each employee understands that quality cannot be inspected into any part: it has to be part of the production process, from planning to delivery. Company-wide, each employee is responsible for the quality of their work.

wire EDM quality controls for precision parts

We listen carefully to every customer

To clearly understand each customer’s needs is the start of a successful project. By establishing a clear and shared set of expectations we set the groundwork for delivering finished workpieces that meet or exceed customer requirements and achieve our goal of a solid long-term partnership.

Leading edge technology adds value to each relationship

XACT has made it a part of its strategy to keep current with technological changes and continuously improve our skills in wire EDM services. To this end, the company regularly purchases new equipment with the latest features and capabilities.

Dedicated to continual improvement

XACT will seek to continually improve our processes, customer service, and quality system effectiveness, while maintaining focus on our process quality objectives, external requirements, and consideration for all interested parties associated with XACT Wire EDM Corporation.

Our success has been, and will continue to be the result of the creativity and expertise of our employees.

Contact us online with questions about our quality assurance or request a quote for your project.