industrial laser engraving on gauge

Haag Panel & Membrane Gauge™ – Haag Global, Inc. Used with permission.

Laser marking is a precise and permanent method of labeling metal parts and other products. In laser part marking, a precise laser beam moves in a controlled path to create alphanumeric characters, a design or pattern.

This method of marking provides durable product identification that is becoming a more common requirement for many different categories of products. Most part marking is used for traceability to meet safety, inventory control, or other requirements related to regulatory mandates.

Xact offers laser marking for any parts that need identification. Our laser marking services are commonly used to produce bar codes, QR codes, logos, serial numbers, patent numbers, date codes, and more, such as arrows and other symbols on in-house tooling and fixturing. Graphics can also be created.

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Contracted Laser Marking Services

Our laser marking services are available as a standalone service, or as a secondary service to wire EDM machining or small hole EDM drilling.

Laser marking is frequently used on stainless steel, titanium, and hardened tool steels. It works equally well on a wide range of materials. We offer laser marking services for all types of metals, carbide, and anodized materials.

Benefits of Laser Marking

Laser marking enables direct marking on even the tiniest or most delicate parts, ensuring durability against acid, abrasion, or heat damage to the laser markings.

More advantages include:

industrial laser marking on circular parts

  • High-quality high-resolution markings with consistent repeatability
  • Can be use to mark curved or irregularly shaped surfaces
  • Markings are easily distinguishable for human or machine reading
  • At the onset of production, achieve exceptional durability by performing laser marking with ease.
  • Laser markings do not alter surface tolerance of material
  • Environmentally friendly no toxic byproducts
  • Non-contact marking technique
  • No contamination from inks or solvents
  • Extremely fast
  • Costs less than conventional engraving or stamping

Industrial Laser Engraving Machines

Xact invested in laser marking equipment’s started in 2005. In house laser marking accelerates turnaround times and enhances accuracy when marking part or lot numbers during production.

Our laser marking equipment lineup:

  • 1 Zetalase fiber laser marking machine with Rotary Device for 360° marking
  • 1 Minilase XL20
  • 1 GT Schmidt Microlase laser marking machine

We can accommodate a wide variety of sizes & shapes, but have few certain size part. Please contact us to discuss your project.

Laser Part Marking is used in Many Industries

Laser marking is a versatile technique use in variety of industrial applications, including:laser part marking on industrial drill bit

  • Medical
  • Automotive
  • Electronics
  • Aerospace
  • Military
  • Manufacturing

Companies utilize laser marking on parts and products for various purposes, including traceability, quality control tracking, anti-counterfeiting measures, branding, process improvement, and more.

Laser Marking Medical Devices

Laser marking on medical components and surgical instruments is a hygienic method of part marking with specific benefits for the healthcare industry:

  • Leaves surface finish unchanged (nowhere for bacteria or germs to collect)
  • Passivation doesn’t affect heat marking, which actively prevents corrosion.
  • Markings survive sterilization & chemical disinfectants
  • Results are permanent and contrast will not fade

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XACT Wire EDM has two Midwest locations in Wisconsin and Illinois, providing laser marking services to customers nationwide. Contact XACT online for any queries about laser marking suited to your application or to kick-start your project with a quote, reach out today.

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