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Continual advances in medical component size reduction require the machining of more and more complex small parts. Wire EDM medical manufacturing and XACT Wire EDM are a perfect match for the required repeatability and tight tolerances that these complex medical parts demand. At XACT we have extensive experience with medical components and understand the quick development and multiple stages of refinement required by medical manufacturing.

Our quality management department has the experience and equipment required for precision medical manufacturing. Previous medical component EDM machining projects have included femoral, tibial, resection cut blocks, endoscopic components, laparoscopic graspers and forceps, bone plates and other medical components. We work with many materials including titanium, platinum, medical grade stainless steel, nitinol, and tungsten. Wire EDM is ideal for any conductive material, regardless of hardness.

wire edm manufactured parts for the medical industry

Premier Partner for Medical Wire EDM Services

XACT is solely focused on wire EDM services. The majority of our projects consist of medical parts and components, but we also have expertise with tooling, gauges and prototypes. Clients can rely on our pool of over 45 EDM machines, skilled machinists and engineering expertise when precision is vital. We make it a point to consistently purchase new programming, machines, and inspection equipment to insure that we can always offer the latest technology and the utmost precision, along with the highest production capability.

Preferred Location for Medical Device Manufacturing

Wire EDM shops located in southeastern Wisconsin and northeastern Illinois mean additional benefits for our medical manufacturing EDM services. We enjoy a lower average shop rate than most east and west coast locations. Even when shipping time is considered, our delivery times to coastal locations are better than wire EDM shops located closer to the coasts. In addition, southeastern Wisconsin is home to many skilled machinists and an excellent network of materials suppliers.

Wire EDM Medical Device Manufacturing

Previous medical components manufactured

  • Femoral trials and cut guides
  • Tibial cut guides
  • Resection cut blocks
  • Endoscopy components
  • Laparoscopic graspers and forceps
  • Bone plates
  • Surgical needles
  • Alignment guides

Materials used

  • Titanium
  • Platinum
  • Medical grade stainless steel
  • Nitinol
  • Tungsten


  • Wire EDM
  • High-speed small hole EDM
  • Laser part marking
  • Vision inspection systems
  • CMM

We have been putting the latest precision wire EDM and small-hole EDM technologies to work since 1984. Let us put our meticulous attention to detail and wire EDM focus to work on your next medical component machining project.

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