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At XACT we find our wire EDM services to be the perfect match for components requiring tight tolerances and accurate repeatability. We often use this process to manufacture metal jaws, grippers, or to create components out of standard and unique metals regardless of hardness.

Accurate and Efficient Robotics Component Manufacturing Process

The wire EDM process is extremely accurate. Wire-cut electrical discharge machining is accurate to +/-.0001”. At XACT Wire EDM our quality management system is ISO 9001:2015 certified and ensures the accuracy and tight tolerances of our manufactured components for the robotics or automation markets.

Another advantage of the wire EDM process is the 75% shorter lead times compared to traditional manufacturing methods. Plus, components manufactured with no special tooling required means faster robotics component delivery times.

Wire EDM Manufacturing for Automation Components

Examples of Industrial Robot & Automation Components Manufactured

  • Parallel motion two-jaw gripper
  • O-ring gripper
  • Gears, splines, racks, and keyways.
  • End of arm tooling (EOAT), robot end-effectors
  • Gripper jaws
  • Food and beverage processing/packaging/filling
  • Wire winding and processing

wire edm for auotmation components

Dedication to Wire EDM

XACT Wire EDM is a leading wire EDM shop and provider of premier wire EDM and small hole EDM services. XACT is one of the largest and most experienced wire EDM shops in the country, offering nationwide service.

Our wire EDM capabilities include many high-end machines at two wire EDM machine shops, also offering laser marking services and advanced CMM and video inspection.

These capabilities allow us to take on any size or type of wire EDM project and deliver it on schedule. XACT combines people and technology to provide precision wire EDM services to die makers, plastic injection mold builders and part manufacturers throughout the United States.

At XACT Wire EDM Corporation we have been putting the latest precision wire EDM and small-hole EDM technologies to work since 1984. Let us put our meticulous attention to detail and focus on wire EDM services to work on your next robotics or automation component machining project.

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