About Our Wire EDM Capabilities

Do you sell or manufacture wire?

No, XACT is a provider of wire EDM and small hole high-speed EDM services.

Do you sell or manufacture wire manufacturing equipment?

No, XACT is strictly a provider of small hole EDM and wire EDM services.

What is the smallest wire cut hole?

The answer is dependent on a number of variables, but a rule of thumb answer is approximately 0.018” diameter. However, with the right conditions it may be smaller. Please contact us when this is a critical consideration.

What are the range of surface finishes?

Our best wire cut finish is 10 micro inch. Finishes this fine are material dependent.

What wire sizes does XACT use?

XACT Wire uses between 0.004” diameter and 0.012” diameter wire.

Do you reuse the wire?

No, the wire breaks down and is not reusable but we do send it to recycling.

Does the wire touch the part?

No, the machining is done by electrical discharge “the spark”. When the wire touches the part it produces a short circuit and cutting stops. Learn more about how wire EDM works.

Do you run three shifts?


What CAD/CAM do you use?

XACT Wire uses Opticam, SolidWorks and CADKEY.

What type of files do you accept?

We can read many file types including but not limited to DXF, DWG and IGS. If you have die work please send in dxf or dwg formats. If you have mold work or prototype parts please send igs or parasolid. Native file formats are preferred.

How many wire machines?

We have over 45 wire EDM machines for high production capabilities. XACT can deliver the job from 1 part to 100,000+ parts.

How many ED bores?

We presently have seven high-speed small hole EDM machines.

Where is XACT Wire EDM located?

Our main plant is in Waukesha, WI and we have a second facility in Cary, IL. Distance is generally not a problem. Our clients are located around the globe.

Does XACT do anything more than wire EDM?

Yes, we offer small hole EDM as well as laser marking services. We also subcontract a wide variety of work including sinking EDM and general machining.

Is XACT able to handle contract manufacturing?

XACT does contract manufacturing with an emphasis on the wire EDM component.

Does XACT do test cuts?

They are available upon request.

What type of materials do you burn?

The most common material is steel but we can cut virtually any material as long as it is conductive. From steel to poly crystalline diamond, super alloys and elemental metals.

What certifications does XACT Wire EDM have?

XACT Wire EDM is certified to ISO-9001:2015. We offer inspection reports and certificates of conformance for prototype and production work.

Does Xact have a Conflict Minerals Policy?

XACT Wire EDM Corp. is committed to the responsible sourcing of materials. While we are not subject to SEC regulations, we do have customers who are. Since XACT is required to report on conflict minerals to our customers, we require the cooperation of our vendors of conflict minerals (Tantalum, Tin, Tungsten, and Gold), to identify and report on smelters in the supply chain. All vendors that supply XACT Wire EDM with any of the 3TG minerals (Tantalum, Tin, Tungsten, or Gold), are expected to ensure the origin of the minerals are from conflict free smelters.



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