Small Hole EDM Services

Small Hole EDM Services
Industries Served
  • Automotive
  • Consumer Products
  • Paper Processing
  • Defense
  • Electronics
  • Energy
  • Food
  • Marine
  • Medical
  • Packaging
Specialties Served
  • Machined Parts
  • Stamping Dies
  • Trim Dies
  • Extrusion Dies
  • Mold Components and Electrodes
  • Gauges and Fixtures
  • Prototypes
  • Exotic Materials
  • Form Tools

High-speed small hole edm is a specialized field of electrical discharge machining. A small .010" - .118" dia. (.25mm - 3.0mm) usually hollow electrode spins about a spindle much like a drill and drill bit (edm drill). The electrode is electrically charged by a servo-controlled generator producing the spark. Water based dielectric flushes through and around the electrode providing a controlled environment for the extremely small sparks to jump to the workpiece. The sparks erode the surface of the workpiece creating very small pockets. Eventually millions and millions of these microscopic pockets create the small hole. The size of the hole is controlled by the diameter of the electrode and the power settings. The location and depth of the holes are driven by CNC ISO codes eliminating operator error. The machines available at Xact have automatic electrode changers for efficient unattended machining.

Small Hole EDM

Small hole edm is in many ways similar to a drilling operation but it offers the advantages of edm. Very low machining forces make the drilling of delicate parts possible. The workpiece hardness or angle of entry have no detrimental impact on performance. Holes are virtually burr free.

Up to 14" part height possible, depending on part configuration.

Max. XY travel: X-22" & Y-14", other sizes may be available with lead time and/or large quantity orders.

Small Hole EDMCommon Applications
  • Coolant holes in hardened machine tool bits for taps, end mills, and drills
  • Addition of wire edm start holes after heat treating
  • Removal of broken drill bits and taps
  • Placement of holes too small/difficult for conventional drilling
  • Burr free holes
Other Services
  • Prototyping
  • Reverse Engineering
  • Inspection
  • Laser Marking
  • Wire EDM
Production Quantity
  • 1 Part to 100,000+ Parts
Quality Control Certifications
  • ISO 9001:2008
Quality Control Process
  • CMM
  • SPC
  • Video
Software Used
  • Esprit
  • PEPS Camtek
  • SolidWorks