Small Metal Part Manufacturing

Wire EDM is a now commonly used machining process utilized in small part manufacturing. Wire electrical discharge machining is well known for its tremendous capabilities of creating detailed, strong parts, and its extreme reliability. Growth in miniaturized medical and electrical technology has increased demand for small and micro parts that can be produced by this process.

These small parts demand minimal stress during production. Since electrical discharge machining never contacts the machined part, wire EDM creates no cutting stress or forces on the part.

Hardness also has no effect on the cutting ability making numerous materials widely applicable. This includes delicate, super hard or brittle, weak or soft materials, as well as machining parts that already have been heat treated.

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Small Part Production Capability

Xact Wire EDM offers advanced capabilities that other machining processes cannot meet or cannot maintain at high production levels.

Fabricating a high-volume part involves substantial planning for efficiency from part design and manufacturing process selections to fixturing and quality control planning. Xact can machine complete parts or just machine the features requiring wire EDM.

Challenges only increase when combined with the requirements of small part fabrication. Wire EDM’s capacity for creating superior burr-free surface finishes that require no secondary polishing, deburring, or honing is a huge advantage. Of course, the ability to maintain tolerances down to .0002” or better, and to generate practically dead sharp corner radiuses and narrow slots make it ideal for small, complex, and detailed parts.

For example, Wire EDM is great for producing the tight tolerance features on metal injection molded parts XACT Wire also regularly provides services removing parts from additive manufacturing build plates and machines their tight tolerance features.

Dedication to Quality and Service at XACT

micro metal parts with U.S. quarter for scaleAt XACT, our quality department prioritizes client satisfaction through continuous attention to detail during our manufacturing processes. We are ISO 9001:2015 certified and we utilize many high-end noncontact video inspection machines, CMM’s and advanced software as a part of our comprehensive quality control systems.

Furthermore, our customers can rely on our experience which enables us to quickly provide test cuts and prototype fabrication, as well as detailed production time studies. In many cases, this has enabled our machine shop customers to greatly improve their manufacturing processes and maximize efficiency.

Wire EDM Services for Machine Shops

As one of the largest dedicated wire EDM shops in the country, we can handle any size or type of wire EDM project and deliver it on schedule. XACT Wire EDM has over 50 machines available. We utilize many types of wire in our machines, and we use wire down to .003” diameter.

We are perfectly suited to function as a supply chain partner or to outsource high job loads if you need extra capacity. With two locations and three shifts at our facilities, full-time 24/5 production is a benefit to many customers by reducing their lead times.

Because we exclusively provide wire EDM and small hole EDM services, we are the ideal company to partner with, regardless of what your in-house EDM capabilities are. With two locations in the Midwest, we work with many machine shops across the country. Small parts are extremely easy to ship to us, or from us.

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