XACT Wire EDM offers wire electrical discharge machining (wire EDM) and high-speed small hole EDM services to metal stamping die builders and fine blanking die manufacturers with challenging tooling design elements or additional capacity needs. Our aim is to work with customers to help meet deadlines by providing quick turnaround wire EDM services on these types of projects.

  • Progressive stamping dies
  • Compound stamping dies
  • Fine blanking tools

Die builders faced with strict demands turn to XACT for proven, cost-effective wire EDM cutting and EDM hole drilling in hardened and high-speed tool steels. With over 50 EDM machines and 24/5 capability, we’re able to offer our clients precision with short lead times.

Because we exclusively provide wire EDM and small hole EDM services, we are the ideal company to partner with, regardless of what your in-house EDM capabilities are. We are not a competitor.

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Wire EDM Solutions for Progressive Dies

Progressive and compound die stand as cornerstones in modern manufacturing. Progressive dies streamline production by performing multiple operations in a single press stroke, optimizing efficiency and precision.

As you know, the manufacturing of stamping dies is a highly skilled process. As the industry has advanced, engineers are designing tooling with tighter tolerances. Wire EDM is ideal for executing high-precision form and cutting contours thereby ensuring that each component assembles precisely in the tool. Progressive and compound die represent pinnacle advancements in precision tooling for manufacturing.

Our wire EDM services are used to produce multi-cavity and complex progressive die components including:

  • Stock guides
  • Cutting stations
  • Forming stations
  • Piercing stations
  • Pierce holes
  • Stripper plates
  • Back-up plates
  • Stop blocks
  • Die chases
  • Pilots & pilot holes
  • Heels
  • Inserts
  • Pads
  • Carriers

Our clients manufacture progressive dies used in a broad range of industries, from appliances and automotive to automation and medical. They choose XACT because of our wire EDM expertise and deep understanding of best EDM practices as they relate to specific applications.

Wire EDM Solutions for Fine Blanking Tools

Fine blanking requires extremely high-precision compound dies able to produce parts meeting specific edge conditions and dimensional tolerances, while withstanding high-volume production runs. Wire EDM technology is well-suited to fine blanking tool production as it’s able to cut the hardest metals to extremely close tolerances.

Our wire EDM services are used to produce compound die components including:

  • Sliding punch tools
  • Fixed punch tools
  • V-ring plates
  • Punch plates
  • Stripper plates
  • Backup plates
  • Retaining plates
  • Stripper bolts
  • Latch bolts
  • Cushion springs
  • Locating/guide pins
  • Dowel/knock pins
  • Blanking punches
  • Piercing punches
  • Guide pillars/bushes
  • Holding rings

There’s no room for error in fine blanking tool manufacturing, which is why many manufacturers outsource the most detailed part of the job to wire EDM specialists. XACT Wire EDM delivers precise fine blanking wire-cut features, so you can deliver fine blanked parts with superb accuracy and repeatability.

Progressive & Compound Die Component Capabilities

Progressive dies enable the step-by-step fabrication of intricate parts through a series of operations, ensuring efficiency and accuracy in mass production.

We understand the critical need for accuracy in engineered components and tooling.using wire EDM cutting to manufacture fine blanking tools

Our capabilities include:

  • 4-axis profiles and intricate contours
  • Very small corners & radii
  • Tolerances of +/-0.0002” and tighter in some cases
  • Blocks up to 16” thick
  • Consistent surface finishes
  • Highly repeatable (no tool wear with wire EDM)
  • Small hole EDM electrode sizes from .010 (.25mm) to .118 (3.0mm) in a variety of configurations
  • Any angle of entry/geometry of surface
  • Experienced programmers
  • CMM and video inspection
  • ISO 9001:2015 Certified

Metal Types

Hardness has no detrimental effect on wire EDM cutting, so we’re able to work with practically any conductive metal, including hardened high-speed tool steels such as:

  • A2
  • D2
  • F7
  • M2
  • M4
  • M35
  • M42
  • H13
  • CPM Rex76/M48
  • Carbide
  • CPM 10V
  • S7

Design & Engineering Software

Our tooling engineers are well versed in a wide range of software programs and can interpret many types of files including:

EDM manufacturing a progressive stamping die

  • AutoCAD (DWG, DWZ)
  • PDF
  • DXF
  • IGES (ANSI standard)
  • STEP
  • Master cam
  • Smart CAM
  • Opticam

Full-time programmers collaborate with project engineers and machinists to write machine code for each job.

The XACT Difference

We’ve developed our process around the metal stamping industry and have in-depth knowledge of progressive and fine blanking tooling. Our engineers ask the necessary questions before quoting to ensure that we are meeting all of your requirements. While we see effective communication as an essential element of success, we don’t just talk the talk XACT delivers accurate die components, on time and within budget.

XACT Wire EDM has been putting cutting-edge wire EDM and small-hole EDM technology to work since 1984. With two Midwest locations in Wisconsin and Illinois, we serve metal stamping manufacturers coast to coast.

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