Wire EDM for Moldmaking

Also called additive manufacturing, Metal Injection Molding (MIM) is often used for small and complex projects which make it a great match for wire EDM. Many MIM parts are stainless steel, which certainly works with wire EDM, but the material used to create a molded part can be any of a wide range of materials, as long as it is a conductive material. The material can be of any metal hardness and of any heat treatment condition.

Wire EDM for 3D Printed Parts

Manufacturers often need to perform secondary machining on most 3D printed parts before incorporating them into final assemblies. Our wire EDM services are used to improve surface finish and tolerances of critical part features. Users employ Wire EDM for removing parts from build plates and separating stacked parts as well.

Due to the precision of wire EDM the area of material affected by heat is very small and high accuracy is achievable. In addition, the lower cost of Metal Injection Molding, compared to traditional machining or casting, has led to its increased use in these operations.

Wire EDM 3D Printed Parts | Wire EDM Metal Injection Molding enhances precision and refinement ensuring immaculate finishing and dimensional accuracy. Additionally, it optimizes Metal Injection Molding processes, delivering intricate designs and impeccable part separation.

Common Wire EDMĀ  3D Printing & Metal Injection Molding Uses:

  • Separating die molds
  • Removing 3D-Printed Parts from Build Plates
  • Deburring

Dedication to Wire EDM

XACT Wire EDM is a leading wire EDM company and provider of premier wire EDM and small hole EDM services. XACT is one of the largest and most experienced wire EDM shops in the country, offering nationwide service.

Our capabilities include many high-end machines at two wire EDM machine shops, also offering advanced CMM and video inspection as well as laser marking services.

These capabilities allow us to take on any size or type of wire EDM project and deliver it on schedule. XACT combines people and technology to provide precision wire EDM services to die makers, mold builders, plastic injection mold makers and part manufacturers throughout the United States.

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