XACT Wire EDM is an experienced Outsourcing Service Provider in these types of applications. We work with many companies supporting these applications as an extension of their services so they can take on more business.

3D Printed Parts

wire EDM for additive manufacturing

Wire EDM is used to improve surface finish & tolerances of critical part features. It is also used to remove parts from the build plates & separate stacked parts.

CNC Parts

CNC parts

Our Wire EDM services are used in manufacturing CNC parts requiring narrow slots such as collets, small holes, difficult to machine materials, parts requiring a precise fits & tolerances.

Extrusion Dies & Sizing Plates

Extrusion die manufacturers

4-axis Wire EDM can be used to machine geometries consisting of two different shapes on parallel planes connected by a ruled surface. This is helpful for metal and plastic extrusion dies. Food processing nozzles can also be made using this capability. Any industry needing a tapered cut can benefit from this independent UV cutting.

Matched Metal Tooling

matched metal tooling

Click on the link above for a complete explanation and video. Wire EDM produces extremely small cutting clearances between the punch and die. This results in very good edge quality on final trimmed plastic parts.

Progressive, Fine Blanking & Compound Tooling

wire EDM used for progressive, fine blanking and compound tooling

Wire EDM has been used in these areas for many years. Tooling can be machined after heat treating. This results in extremely tight tolerances being held. Geometry can be machined in one setup and taper relief with land can be introduced where required.

Additional applications we provide wire EDM services for include:

Metal Injection Molded Parts (MIM) – Our services are used for needed surface finishes and tolerance improvements.

Powdered Metal Parts & Tooling – Our services are used in tooling for sizing & on parts that need better surface finishes and tolerances.

Wondering if wire EDM is right for your project? Check out our guide to wire EDM vs CNC milling or contact us with questions.

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