About XACT Facilities

XACT Facility

"Over the years XACT has done a great job working to find a solution for two of Ossur’s very precision and complex parts.

With XACT’s help Ossur has been able to lower our rejects along with reducing the high inventory we had to carry on these two parts in order to keep our production line going.

They say what they do and do what they say.

XACT is definitely a top notch shop that I would highly recommend."

Gary G.
Purchasing Manager - Ossur Americas, Inc.

Advanced High-Tech Facilities

Our headquarters is designed specifically for wire electrical discharge machining. This facility, located in Waukesha, WI, is equipped with the latest technology.

High-Tech Facilities

Our second facility, in Cary, IL, adds additional capacity and provides convenient service to our Chicago area customers. This facility is also fully equipped with the latest technology and experienced personnel. Both locations have the capabilities to comfortably handle sizable production runs, yet are flexible enough to machine an individual part.

Earning Respect

Earning the Respect of All

Our success is a result of the creativity and expertise of our employees. Through honest hard work, we plan to build on this success. XACT will always be responsive to your needs and give you the highest level of personalized service. We provide wire EDM solutions to help you compete in today’s demanding environment. Using our services will enhance your business by giving you access to the latest wire EDM technology.